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Access to manage your charging stations from any device wherever you are

Charging zones management

View the status of your charging points in real-time. Define your charging zones by indicating the charging stations, the number of services each station can offer, and the types of connectors. Select the users or groups of users that can charge in each of your charging points.

Charging session management

View all charging sessions, both active and completed, and access detailed information for each charging session. Visualize graphs with the detail of each charging session, showing the progress of charging power and consumption throughout the session.

Booking management

Allow EV drivers to book a charging station a few minutes just before arriving to the charging point or for a specific day and time. Booking can be automatically accepted according to the availability of the charging point.

Use of RFID cards

Allow charging station activation via RFID cards, assigning them to the corresponding users. Mark desired RFID cards as active so they can be used at your charging points. Disable those RFID cards that are no longer valid.

User and group management

Create as many users as you need and allow them to charge at your charging points. Create user groups according to your needs (taxi drivers, delivery drivers, VIP users...).

Operators and sub-operators

Set hierarchies between the different sub-operators existing in your platform. For each sub-operator, define exactly what features they will have access to.

Vehicle and fleet management

Create new vehicles indicating the relevant data and create vehicle fleets according to your needs. Assign your users to desired vehicles and assign fleets to corresponding sub-operators.

Billing and payments

Manage the receipts of the charging sessions made in your charging points. Manage billing among the sub-operators of your platform. Allow Connect to communicate with your billing system to automate invoices.


Statistics tailored to the needs of the operator. Obtain graphics and reports both for basic parameters (status of the charging points, electricity consumed, charging time, incomes, CO2 savings) and advanced parameters (differences between sub-operators, payment methods, comparison between charging stations...).

Custom tariffs

Define complex tariffs taking in account any desired variable: group of users that carry out the charging session, duration of the charging session, power of the charging session, consumption... Set if users of the charging station will pay before the charging sessions or at the end.

Issue management

Real-time issue notifications. Our Pluggy assistant will automatically create the issues related to lack of connection, failures reported by charging stations, failures reported by users... Easily manage issues by differentiating them by topic.

Customer support chat

Talk to your users in real-time to give them the attention they need. Set time slots where your users can contact you and get notifications about new messages.

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