Pricing Plans

Here are the best features that make Place to Plug Connect the most powerful, fast and user-friendly platform to operate charging points.


Basic features to manage one or two chargrs and to share them with other EV drivers

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  • Integration with Place to Plug app
  • Basic charging point management
  • Up to 2 chargers
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Hotels, restaurants and other businesses that have several chargers for their customers or visitors

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  • All features of the Home plan
  • Automatic bookings
  • RFID card management
  • Up to 10 chargers
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For operators who have a network of charging points and need a complete platform for management and monitoring

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  • All features of the Business plan
  • Delegated charging sessions
  • Delegated bookings
  • Issue management
  • Unlimited chargers
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For operators who have different networks of charging points, operate globally and need custom integrations

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  • All features of the Enterprise plan
  • Chatbot integration
  • Platinum statistics package
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom payment methods
  • Custom app for EV drivers
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